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Parental authority

If one of the parents is failing in acting in the child’s best interest and you want to initiate proceedings to obtain exclusive parental authority, then HARROP LAWYERS, family law lawyer in Nice can represent you before the family court judge.

We will assess together the pros and cons of such procedure.

The child’s main residence

When the parents separate (divorce, PACS or cohabitation separation), the parents must agree on the residence of the child.

If there is a disagreement between the parents, HARROP LAWYERS will intervene before the family court judge to organize the periods of accommodation for each in the interest of the child:

• Habitual residence fixed at the home of one of the parents

• Right of visit and classic or alternating accommodation

If both parties agree on the terms of the visitation of the children, then HARROP LAWYERS will assist you in formalizing the agreement before the family judge.

Child support

Parents who separate must also plan the terms of their contribution to the maintenance and education of their child(ren).

HARROP LAWYERS will help you define the amount of your support you are entitled to or you should be paying according to your income and the needs of your child…

You can also check on the contribution proposed without taking into consideration the specifics of the case on the following link https://www.justice.fr/simulateurs/pensions-alimentaire/bareme

HARROP LAWYERS also assist you in proceedings before the family court judge to request an increase/reduction of the amount.

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