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HARROP LAWYERS will guide you in  drafting your lease so your interests as a owner are protected. 

Whether it is a 3 year lease or a one year furnished lease, you can find samples of contracts in compliance with French law. 

It is better to use those samples instead of writing a contract in English as should there be a dispute, French law will apply. 

The parties cannot agree to apply a different law when it comes to renting a property in France. 

HARROP LAWYERS will guide you in meeting the legal requirements before letting out your property as well as during the tenancy. 

As a landlord you will have to provide for instance to your tenant the energy efficiency documents; 

On top of the agreed rent, the tenant is then liable for the taxe d’habitation from January 1st and also for the part of the building charges. 

The lease cannot be automatically terminated by the landlord but only under specific reasons. 

Every month, after receiving the rent, you will have to deliver to your tenant a rent receipt.

In the event of your tenant passing away, a very specific procedure needs to be put in place. HARROP LAWYERS will guide you in the process, to terminate the lease but also take out all the belongings of your late tenant. 

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