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Any person who is a victim of violence within a couple, current or former, can ask the family affairs judge for a protection order. 

The protection order is also intended to be issued to an adult threatened with forced marriage.

Violence can be physical, psychological, economic or sexual and endanger the victim and/or one or more children.

The family court judge issues a order order only if he considers the acts of violence and the danger to which the applicant or his children are exposed to be probable.

The victim will have to prove that there is an emergency and that the risks of reiteration of the violence in the future are high.

It is not subject to the existence of a prior criminal complaint.

The protection order is issued by the family court judge within a maximum of six days from the date of the hearing being set.

To protect the victim, the judge can order the following options:

The victim of violence may be authorized to conceal their address and for the purpose of the procedure would be using their lawyer’s address, or the one of a qualified legal entity or with the public prosecutor at the judicial court.

In the presence of children, the protection order will rule on the measures concerning the exercise of parental authority, the terms of access to the children (simple visitation rights or in a neutral place or in the presence of a trusted third party, or even suspension of these rights for the violent parent), contribution to marriage costs, material assistance, contribution to the maintenance and education of children.

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