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HARROP LAWYERS offers employers assistance both in the advisory phase and in the litigation

✓ Assistance on matters relating to individual or collective relations
✓ Support in the management of a human resources strategy and/or projects carried out by the
✓ Drafting of employment contracts, amendments, follow-up of contracts, trial periods, etc.
✓ Management of disciplinary sanctions, drafting of sanctions, dismissals
✓ Drafting of internal regulations, charters, human resources policy, etc.
✓ Implementation of a health and safety policy, drafting of a single document
✓ Management of disputes with employees (dispute over compensation, harassment, etc.)
✓ Relations with the administration: DIRECCTE, labor inspection, occupational medicine
✓ Management of work accidents and illnesses within the employment

How does the Employment law work? After logging a procedure before the Employment/
Labor Court, the procedure takes place in two phases, a conciliation phase and a judgment phase.
The conciliation hearing
First, after referral to the Labor Court, the registry summons the employee and the employer to
the conciliation hearing before the Conciliation Board.

This is a mandatory preliminary hearing which purpose is to allow the parties to negotiate during
this phase.
At this stage, the conciliation office can order certain measures, even in the absence of one of the
parties, such as the issue under penalty of the work certificate, pay slips, the employment center
certificate as long as the request is not disputed. If the employer and the employee reach an
agreement, the conciliation office draws up a report mentioning the agreement. In this case, the
procedure is finished.
The conciliation procedure therefore allows the parties to solve under a short amount of the
time the dispute.
However, most of the time, the conciliation process fails. The case is therefore transferred for
another date before the office of the judgement.


HARROP LAWYERS, as a team specialized in Employment law with Julie DREKSLER, will be
responsible for preparing your case and putting forward the arguments to win the case. Julie
DREKSLER has a very high success rate.
When the judgment is rendered, it will be notified to the parties by the registry by registered
letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It is then possible to appeal the judgment of the Labor
Court within one month of notification of the judgment.

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