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The Conseil des Prud’hommes (CPH) – The French Employment tribunal is the only competent court to resolve any individual dispute between an employer and an employee.

A dispute may arise during the execution or upon termination of the employment contract.

You can initiate a procedure before the CPH in the case of a private law employment contract, in the following matters:

• Employees (journalists, entertainers, models, VRP, etc.)

• Staff of public industrial and commercial establishments 

• Apprentices / internships

• Maternal and family assistants

The CPH is not competent to resolve a dispute:

• relating to collective labor relations

• or linked to a public law employment contract since only the administrative court has jurisdiction upon such case.

CPH has jurisdiction in the following events :

• a termination of the employment contract

• a disciplinary sanction

• Payment of salary or bonuses

• Working hours

• days of rest or leave

• The health and safety conditions of the workstation

• Upon delivery of the Pôle emploi certificate, work certificate or receipt for balance of any account

• A situation of harassment (moral or sexual) or discrimination

• At the conclusion of the contract (non-compliance with a promise of employment for example)

You can resort to the CPH in the event of a related conflict, for example:

• When your employee abandons his or her job

• To a notice not given

• Theft or damage to company property

• Failure to comply with a non-competition clause

• Refusal to repay an overpayment

• Contesting medical elements issued by the occupational physician in the context of incapacity


or the action to be admissible, you must initiate the Court proceedings befire the CPH within a certain period. The time laps varies depending on the nature of the dispute. 

Beyond those dates, you will not have any longer rights to act. The timeframe is usually limited to one (1) year. 

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