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A divorce is international in the following cases:

International divorce brings along many different questions:

Where should I file for divorce? 

Which Country has jurisdiction upon my case? Which law should apply to my divorce? Will the judge apply French or a foreign law?

Which law is the most protective of my interests?

Can I move back to my country of origin? Can I take my children with me?

What happens if my spouse has also initiated divorce proceedings abroad?

How can I enforce the divorce decision abroad?

Your international lawyer will help you and assist you through this process 

Any jurist in international law will first wonder about the competent court (French or foreign) and the applicable law. These first questions are resolved by several legislations and conventions, whether national, European or international.

However, beyond this first approach, the international law lawyer must adapt his client’s request or defense to the exceptional situation he encounters.

There are in fact cases where the criteria defined by several texts cannot be applied mechanically. Here begins the real work of the international lawyer: trying to get the judge to adjust the texts to the particular situation of his client.

Nathalie HARROP ‘s firm has become a reference for international divorce procedure

Our lawyers are recognized for their legal competence and above all their dexterity before the courts. We have acquired an extensive experience in international separation matters, so we can help you through this legal procedure.

You can therefore benefit from the support of a talented lawyer, an expert in international divorces and international family law. 

In the event of misunderstanding of the applicable law, the specialist in divorce between spouses of different nationalities will be able to professionally interpret this law. 

International divorce remains a complex procedure. The best represented party increases its chances of having its interests prevail. So, contact a lawyer who is an expert in international family law to defend you. Whether you live in Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg or Monaco, contact us. 

We guarantee you a tailored legal assistance.

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