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French Personal injury law guarantees the victim fair compensation, full reparation for the consequences of the bodily damage inflicted by the accident. 

Compensation for bodily injury therefore deals with all the damage suffered: on a physical, psychological or economic level. The adjuster, for example the insurance company, will have to offer a fair response to all the victim’s needs.


Victim of a road accident, you have the right to know the results of the investigation into your accident. Our team of lawyers specializing in compensation for road victims will contact the gendarmerie or police station responsible for the investigation and keep you informed of its progress. We will send you the minutes as soon as they are available.

If you are the victim of a road accident, French law of 1985 protects your rights:


Your compensation depends on the extent of your damage and your personal financial situation. 

Establishing the financial damage caused by a road accident is a delicate and complex operation.

Your legal team will assist and advise you until your after-effects are medically resolved. We will help you gather evidence of the damage linked to the road accident and move forward to compensate the financial loss incurred following the accident.

Our lawyers then calculate the amount of your claim with the responsible party’s insurer. If the latter does not sufficiently compensate the damage caused by the road accident, the firm of Me Jehanne Collard et Associés takes the matter to court.

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