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Economic and administrative violence are now being recognized as the theft of administrative documents, money, subtraction of access codes to different administrations, bank accounts, destruction of property, destruction of property, constraint, deprivation of autonomy (confiscation of income, vehicle, all means of payment). 

This economic violence create a dependence on others and are committed in certain cases with the use of digital tools with controlling access to bank accounts or other administrative accounts or can take the form of other kind of economical violence such as taking out consumer loans with monthly payments debited from the victim’s account. 

Economic or administrative cyberviolence aims to reduce the financial and or administrative autonomy. 

In such contexts it is difficult for women to escape control or escape without income or economic future, while it is easy for the all-powerful companion to abandon her without resources.

We have developed competence in assisting victims in such situations. Most of the time a protection order should be put in place. 

In case of a marriage, we can also consider an emergency procedure to order an economic temporary measure. 

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