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Trusting Harrop French Lawyers with your French Legal Issues means that you will be dealing with a British person who first moved to France 30 years ago and has qualified as a French Lawyer for over 15 years. Your French firm is located in Nice on the French Riviera. In a world of instant connections, we believe that all issues should be handled as rapidly as possible, which means that all our clients have a privileged connection with their lawyer.  Our phone numbers are available so that we can be reached at anytime and offer a prompt reply to your questions.

Nathalie Harrop


Field of Expertise


Extensive Experience in International Family Law

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Nathalie HARROP has developed an extensive experience in Family law and more precisely in International family law. 

Nathaile HARROP and her team assist clients with International child custody issues, trigger the Hague convention or any dispute involving children.

Your legal team will represent you in a divorce  case or even a separation case, in order to protect your assets and your financial interests.

Nathalie Harrop, being bilingual in English and in French, will make sure that you will fully understand your rights under French law and also under International law. We litigate before the local Courts and all around the Country when needed. We understand how emotional and difficult a separation or divorce can be, this is why we try to offer the best legal assistance in English.

Nathalie Harrop is a highly experienced Family Lawyer.

Real Estate

  • Tax advice and legal assistance
  • SCI set up
  • Legal assistance with Estate transaction
  • Holiday rental legal issues
  • Syndic – building management legal assistance and representation
  • Representation in Auction Procedure
  • Banking issues
  • Loan issues
  • Tenancy contract lease and rental issues
  • Mediation in real estate
  • Rental deposit recovery
  • Real estate litigation
  • Servitude issues
  • International Inheritance – Succession of your French assets
  • Property seizure

Construction Law

  • Builders’s legal services
  • Home improvement complaints
  • Termination of a building contract
  • Home improvements and renovation legal advice
  • Building and renovation mediation
  • Building and renovation litigation
  • Assistance with building and renovation legal expertise

Family Law

Wealth & Inheritance

  • Help with the Management of your French Estate
  • European Certificate of Succession
  • Choice of Law under the European Regulations
  • Life Insurance Policies

Corporate Law

  • Recovery and Insolvency
  • Terms and Conditions under French Law

Labour Law/ Employment Law

Personal Injury/
Victims of Accident


Nathalie HARROP

Nathalie Harrop is English native who qualified as French lawyer Nice after reading law in Nice University and studying her Masters LL.M at Hofstra University School of Law, New York. After passing the French Bar, she registered at the Paris Bar and worked for some of the leading law firms in Paris dealing with international legal issues & transactions.

Choosing Harrop can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. We can provide legal advice and guidance, draft and review contracts and agreements, represent you in court, and help you navigate complex legal proceedings. We can also help you understand your legal rights and obligations, and work to protect your interests. Whether you are dealing with a personal or business legal matter, we can help ensure that your rights are protected, and that you receive fair and just treatment under the law.

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